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Gordonstoun International Summer School

COVID Update - 2021 Courses

We are currently awaiting confirmation that our 2021 course can go ahead. We very much hope it will but this depends upon the situation with regard to COVID-19 and we will follow Scottish Government guidance at all times. In the meantime please do contact us and we are happy to provide information and answer questions in the hope that we will be able to welcome you to Gordonstoun very soon.

“The immediate effect of the camp stays with the kids for a couple of months, but I have found that something deep down inside of their souls changes forever after such experiences.”

Where everyone smiles in the same language



Course 1:

9th July –
2nd August 2021


Course 2:

16th July –
9th August 2021



Courses are appropriate for both native English speakers along with those who are learning English as a foreign language. In addition to the academic study options, there are also choices which are designed for those who are looking for a more “camp” like experience and who just want to learn new skills, make friends and have some fun.

Additionally, Arts and Crafts, Technology, Music Making, Drama, Sport and the “Adventure phase” are integrated into the programme along with social and excursion options.

Many parents are astounded that over such a short time there can be a significant improvement in their child’s confidence, maturity and skills learnt combined with such strong friendships developed. “not 3 weeks in a lifetime, but a lifetime in 3 weeks”

Activity Options
West Coast
Inter-Clan Campus
The Classroom

Read what past students think about the courses

It was fun and going to the adventure centre and jumping from the rocks was so exciting and it was the best experience. The drama lessons were so fun. Sports lessons were fun too. Everyone here was so nice.

Lila, from Turkey

It was an amazing time and I enjoyed every minute and met amazing people. I would recommend it.

Alisa, from the UK

It is extreme fun, we even live in a yacht!

Wilfred, from Hong Kong

Great experience, you should come here. I made a huge improvement in English.

Henri, from France

GISS is such a good place to go in the summer and it is such a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

Rachel, from China

I have done activities I never would have thought I could do, learnt a great deal not only about myself, but about other people and their cultures, and overall had a ball.

Ava, from Australia

A chance to learn new lifetime skills, have fun & make new friends