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Gordonstoun International Summer School

“The immediate effect of the camp stays with the kids for a couple of months, but I have found that something deep down inside of their souls changes forever after such experiences.”

Where everyone smiles in the same language

2022 DATES


Course 1:

Friday 8th July – Monday 1st August


Course 2:

Friday 15th July – Monday 8th August


Short Course 2:

Friday 15th July – Friday 29th July

Short course fully booked



Courses are appropriate for both native English speakers and those who are learning English as a foreign language. In addition to the academic study options, there are also choices which are designed for those who are looking for more of a summer camp experience and who just want to learn new skills, make friends and have some fun.

Art, design, music making, sport, social events and excursions are integrated into the programme, along with an adventure phase on the beautiful Scottish West Coast in all the three and a half week courses.  However a limited number of two week places are available on Short Course 2, designed for children who may wish to stay on campus.

Many parents are astounded that over such a short time there can be so significant an improvement in their child’s confidence, maturity and skills learnt, combined with such strong friendships developed.

“not 3 weeks in a lifetime, but a lifetime in 3 weeks”

A welcome from the course director, Claire MacGillivray


After two years filled with challenge, here at Gordonstoun we are planning for the most joyful summer school ever!  Our young people have missed out on so much and with more than 45 years’ experience of providing fantastic summer memories, we have no doubt that our courses will be the inspiring and uplifting summer they deserve.

As always, each year we refresh the courses with new and exciting additions; for example, 2022 will see the introduction of a new adventure centre, club choices and a new International Citizenship course.  Regardless of whether you are from the UK or further afield, there is such a diverse range of activities and experiences on offer, we feel confident you will have a summer of learning, challenge, friendship and a lot of fun!

Please do let us know if we can help with any queries and we look forward to welcoming you to Gordonstoun!

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Inter-Clan Campus
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Read what past students think about the courses

It was fun and going to the adventure centre and jumping from the rocks was so exciting and it was the best experience. The drama lessons were so fun. Sports lessons were fun too. Everyone here was so nice.

Lila, from Turkey

It was an amazing time and I enjoyed every minute and met amazing people. I would recommend it.

Alisa, from the UK

It is extreme fun, we even live in a yacht!

Wilfred, from Hong Kong

Great experience, you should come here. I made a huge improvement in English.

Henri, from France

GISS is such a good place to go in the summer and it is such a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

Rachel, from China

I have done activities I never would have thought I could do, learnt a great deal not only about myself, but about other people and their cultures, and overall had a ball.

Ava, from Australia

A chance to learn new lifetime skills, have fun & make new friends