​STUDENT CARE: This is single most important thing we do.

We recognise you are entrusting us with your child’s care; it is a privilege and one we do not take lightly.  Each student’s welfare is at the heart of everything we do.  Since we run our own summer school, we run it to the same high standards and according to the same practices and policies as the main school.

“Our heartfelt applause for a flawlessly executed summer program which has dedication and heart written all over it.”

Accommodation and Pastoral Care

Students live in the school boarding houses where they will be supported and looked after by house-parents and resident assistant staff.

Each boarding house is built differently and depending on the age and gender of your child, they are allocated to a house.  Each boarding house is usually a mixture of single, double and 4 beds.  Wash rooms are not en-suite, but still have privacy.  Students spend very little time in their rooms; they are encouraged to be in the house relaxing with friends, watching a film, having a snack or playing table tennis.  This is an important part of ensuring friendships grow amongst the students as a result of this family atmosphere.

Our mobile phone policy ensures access to devices, but also allows for students to spend time enjoying the course rather than be glued to a phone!

Throughout the programme both within the formal activities and at leisure, our staffing ratio of one member of staff for every two students ensures a high level of personal attention.

What's Included in the Cost?

The all-inclusive cost of £5,500 covers from the moment of arrival at the school to the day of departure:

  • Accommodation and all pastoral care
  • All meals with plenty of choice
  • All academic tuition
  • All sports and tuition
  • All expeditions & sailing and adventurous activities
  • All recreational activities and excursions
  • All laundry
  • Emergency Medical health cover while at GISS
  • Airport transfers from/to Aberdeen (Dyce) or Inverness (Dalcross) airports

There are no extras other than any personal pocket money at parents’ discretion and travel & medical insurance which is highly recommended

Travel Arrangements

It is the responsibility of parents to make the travel arrangements for each student to reach Gordonstoun. We strongly recommend that all younger students travel as ‘Solo Flyers’ or ‘Unaccompanied Minors’ and parents should arrange this when purchasing air tickets. Please do contact the office and we can support with options on travel and discuss any queries you may have.

Students will be met at Inverness or Aberdeen airports.  We do have representatives at the London Airports but due to security arrangements, our escorts cannot proceed past the check-in/immigration desks.

Unless you are confident that your children are able to change flights and perhaps terminals with no assistance – please register them as UM’s.

Scheduled air services exist as follows:

  • London airports to Aberdeen and Inverness.
  • Amsterdam to Aberdeen and Inverness.
  • Paris to Aberdeen.
  • Frankfurt to Aberdeen

Some other UK airports, for example Manchester and Birmingham, also have connecting flights to Aberdeen from some major international airports.


We know food is really important!  Our dining hall is used to feeding 500+ hungry students all year.  For our courses, meals are carefully planned by to provide a balanced diet suited to the needs of all students.

There is a great deal of choice and alternative dishes will be available for vegetarians and students with medical or religious requirements.  It is important that you complete our health form so that we are aware of your child’s requirements and can support them.

Gordonstoun’s Catering Manager has personal supervision of all the catering arrangements for the Summer School in the School’s beautifully appointed modern refectory.

Medical Attention

The School’s Healthcare Centre is fully staffed by our qualified nursing team throughout the GISS courses.

A doctor will be available throughout the whole of the Summer School.

Excellent medical facilities exist in the school and a few miles away at Elgin. Medical treatment for students is provided by the UK’s National Health Service and our own medical resources


Casual, comfortable clothing for summer time in the UK is required.

Dress throughout the day will be informal except for the Summer School photograph and final dinner, which will require a shirt & tie with smart trousers for the boys and equivalent for girls.

Laundry will be sent and returned twice a week. A suggested clothing list is below and will also be sent with administrative details on registration:

  • Soft holdall bag – (used to take personal clothing to West Coast Adventure phase)
  • Small padlock with key or combination for bedside cabinet
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Thick woollen sweaters
  • At least two or more pairs of jeans or washable trousers – (one pair for wear during adventurous activities)
  • Blouses/shirts/T-shirts
  • Track suit or sports trousers and sweatshirts
  • Footwear – at least 3 pairs of shoes/trainers for indoor and outdoor wear, trainers for sports (white soles if possible) and a strong pair of trainers for adventurous activities.
  • Underclothes and socks, including at least two pairs of thick warm socks
  • Swimming costume
  • Pairs of pyjamas/night wear
  • Toilet articles – shampoo etc. – (towels provided by Gordonstoun School)

ALL CLOTHING SHOULD BE NAMED  Students are asked to look after their belongings carefully.  Every attempt is made by house staff and assistants to help with this, however, where losses occur, it is not possible for the School to accept responsibility and personal insurance is advisable.

Communication & Photography

Mail for the students should be addressed to:

Gordonstoun International Summer School
IV30 5RF

UK Tel: + 44 (0) 1343 837821 E-mail: giss@gordonstoun.org.uk

Parent Communication

House parents will be parents’ primary point of contact and they will update you on your child’s progress.  Prior to the start of the course you will be given email and phone contact details.  The GISS office will also be staffed and there is always someone you can talk to.

Mobiles & Electronic Devices

Electronic devices, including mobile telephones are allowed, but their use is restricted to specific times during the day: morning before breakfast, after final period in the evening until just before bedtime, strictly following the rules given by the Summer School Director. For the rest of the day, and at night, phones will retained by their respective House Parent. Repeated abuse of our phone policy will result in confiscation of the device

Parent Portal

We have a portal where parents can log in and see pictures of all the exciting fun that is going on during Summer School. (Prior to the start of Summer School we will send you a link for this.)


The weather in Scotland in July/August has an average temperature of 16-18°C (62°F) and often reaches 25°C (72°F) or more.

These months are regarded as probably the best two months of the year in Scotland.

Religious Worship

Students are encouraged to carry out their devotions as at home.

There will be church services locally for different Christian denominations including Roman Catholic, Anglican and Presbyterian, for those who wish to attend.

A prayer room for Muslims is also available.

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