Coronavirus Information


Your child’s health and safety are of paramount concern to us and we hope that this information will answer questions you may have. However, please do not hesitate to contact us in the GISS office if you have any questions not answered here.

Should I send my child abroad this summer?
With the Covid 19 pandemic still affecting us all, it is understandable that you might be concerned about global travel – and particularly about sending your children to another country for the summer. Two thirds of the student body at Gordonstoun is international, and our main school has been fully open since the summer term of 2021. We would like to set your mind at rest that we are confident that the Gordonstoun International Summer School can run smoothly and safely in Summer 2022.

What will happen if Summer School has to be cancelled because of the pandemic?
If the situation changes and we have to cancel the summer school, or your country of residence finds itself not allowed to travel to the UK, you will be offered a full refund of any monies paid including the deposit, or we will transfer your place to summer 2023.

I’m worried about the rules around testing and documentation for travel to the UK – can you help me?
Over the past two years, the GISS office has run all the Gordonstoun School travel, holiday accommodation and quarantine facilities and so we are very experienced and will be able to support you. We follow the Scottish Government guidelines very closely and will keep you informed of any changes. Our travel office is available to help you find flights and navigate your way through the testing and evidence required before entering the UK. As this is a fast-changing situation, we will contact you nearer the time to make sure you are aware of all the paperwork and tests that you need.

Will my child be safe?
As we do at the moment, we will carefully follow all guidelines for minimising the risks of coronavirus such as:
• Regular cleaning and laundry facilities by the domestic services team.
• Handwashing and sanitising facilities in all our boarding houses, eating, study and activity venues.
• Ventilation in all indoor areas.
All the children in our care will be closely monitored for signs of coronavirus, and tested if there are any concerns. If there is a requirement for a PCR test, we will facilitate this, and the costs will be passed on to you. Any child with Covid will be isolated as per the guidelines to ensure the safety of the other children in their house and teaching groups.

What happens if my child contracts Covid?
With our on-site nursing staff and 24/7 health-care, we can guarantee that should your child test positive for Covid 19 while they are with us, we will ensure that they are in comfortable isolation facilities and cared for professionally. Should your child contract Covid and have to extend their stay at school, we will undertake to look after them for the period required and help you to change arrangements for travel home. The costs for the extended stay and the re-arranged travel will be need to be met by you.