An Introduction from HRH the Duke of Edinburgh

Foreword By HRH The Duke Of Edinburgh


Modern methods of transport and communication have made it possible for the first time for more and more people in all parts of the world to travel great distances quickly and safely and to meet each other. Indeed it has become quite usual for people employed in business and the professions to spend much of their time in foreign countries.

The Gordonstoun Summer Language and Adventure Course provides a splendid opportunity for boys and girls from other parts of the world to experience life in a foreign country, and to make a start to learn, or to improve their knowledge of English. They will be able to do this against a background of Scotland’s magnificent scenery with all it has to offer in sports and recreations.

I don’t suppose any future business or diplomatic appointment in a foreign country will be quite the same as this Summer School Course, but at least everything will be done to make this first introduction to the strangeness of a foreign country as happy and rewarding as possible.


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